Keep your dogs at home Canine Influenza is on the rise

In home pet sitting is one way to avoid canine influenza:

Have you placed your dog in danger of getting Canine Influenza? Maybe you have never stopped to think of it, but being a true dog lover, and one who advocates for in home Pet sitting and Dog walking I find it necessary to raise this very important concern. More so i see it as my responsibility. As such the question at hand is one that revolves around, “What is Canine Influenza and how much of a threat is it?” The truth is that keeping your pets at home, engaging in Petsitting and adopting a practice of Dog Walking is actually a much safer option for pet owners, rather than boarding them and exposing them to Canine Influenza. This is because many dog owners are not aware of the dangers of Canine Influenza and a very real reason for this is the fact that many may not have heard of Canine Influenza up until now.

Canine Influenza is more commonly referred to as “Dog Flu” and it is a highly contagious respiratory disease found in man’s best friend, dogs. Having started as canine disease in horses, it spread to dogs and at present can spread from dog to dog and among dogs. While not all dogs may display symptoms of having it, it forces a very potent reality of having our dogs being in contact with an infected dog and being exposed to contracting this illness while we remain ignorant of the true reality right in front of our eyes and oblivious of its complications.

Bearing this in mind some signs worth looking for which some infected dogs may display are a cough, fever, and running nose. While it can vary in severity, from no signs to dogs being very sick, it may also result in pneumonia and unfortunately, in some cases death as well.

Based on this it becomes easier to see the threat which kennels and shelters can be as well as other contaminated objects and materials that a coughing, sneezing or infected dog showing no symptoms may come into contact with. It means respiratory secrections one may not be able to see with the naked eye and which may be very airborne may place boarded canines at great risk. For this very reason it is not advisable to allow your dog to interact with a coughing or sneezing dog and boarding canines isn’t advised. After all, “prevention is better than cure!”

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